Hi! I'm a tea-drinking artist with a passion for storytelling.

I'm currently based in Australia and studying animation.

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me at:
[email protected]

Old username was @TARTELII


Various art related projects and zines I've organised and/ or participated in. These projects vary from fundraising for charity to for-profit initiatives involving various content creators.

> Feast: One Piece Food Zine (Mod + Contributor)
> Embark: HxH Travel Zine (Mod)
> Qinni Artbook Project
> Fodlan Detectives: FE3H Zine
> Story Across Time: FE3H Zine
> Fodlan Winds Pokemon Zine
> Thank You, Furuba Zine
> Pro Hero Academia BNHA Zine
> Phoenix from the Ashes: BNHA Zine
> My Heroes of Olympus: BNHA Zine
> Lost & Found: FE3H Zine
> Afterlife: FE3H Zine
> BNHA Nippon Zine
> Fullmetal Alchemist Cookbook

> Academy Emblem: FE Zine
> In Time's Flow: FE3H Fan Album
> Stardew Valley Cookbook
> Sidequest: BNHA Zine
> Spring of Memories: HM Zine
> Heathers the Musical Zine
> Milestones: Hunter x Hunter Zine

Supanova 2021 Table Setup